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Garden Pond and Water Feature Supplies

garden pond Ponds and water gardens have become popular in recent years.  New products and materials have made it simple and affordable to create a wide variety of landscape water features.  Your first step is to plan the size and location of your new pond, then to determine its overall style and how it will fit with your existing landscape.  You can design a formal or informal aboveground or inground pond, with or without plants and fish.  The edging of your pond should be selected for compatibility with the surrounding landscape and may include pavers, flagstone, decking materials, boulders or turf.  A variety of low voltage pond lighting fixtures are also available for creating special effects and after dark enjoyment.  Be sure to consider child safety issues and GFI electrical outlet protection in your plans.

garden pond aerator Flexible liner materials or preformed pond liners are used to retain the water in your garden pond.  Flexible liners enable you to create ponds, streams, and waterfalls in virtually any size and configuration.  Sections can be overlapped and joined with seam tape or sealer.  For a quality job, consider using either butyl rubber or EPDM-SF liners.  They are expensive but usually come with a 20-year warranty.  PVC liners are somewhat less expensive, but they may be toxic to fish and plants.  Not recommended are inexpensive polyethylene liners, which are difficult to repair and vulnerable to UV light.  Preformed pond liners are well-suited for aboveground ponds, and they are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.  Preformed fiberglass liners are generally more durable and more expensive than rigid plastic liners.

submersible pond pump Submersible or external pond pumps are used to recirculate water in the pond; they use household current and are easy to install.  Pumps can be used to create running streams, falling waterfalls, and spraying fountains as well as to drain ponds when required.  A pond filter can keep your pond water clear and prevent your pump from clogging with debris.  Filters are built in to some pond pumps, but separate filters are required for many applications.  A series of pipes, valves and pipe fittings are used in conjunction with the pump and filter to deliver water where needed, to connect the pump, filter, and accessories, and to control and direct the flow of water.  With today's simplified techniques and equipment, a small water feature can often be installed in a day or two!

Pond and Water Garden Supplies

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